Master Ian Cnulles Gold Florin (SCA)


We are pleased to offer Fine Silver restrikes of this piece by the generous efforts of Master Arion the Wanderer of An Tir, and his ongoing work to distribute Master Ian Cnulle’s artwork. Making use in doing so of the original dies.

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This design was based on the 14th Century Florentine Firorini D’Oro and the Hungarian Forint. Originally priced at $50 and circulated as a Trade Coin within the SCA. It was one of a bevy of trade coins, and one of three gold coins produced by Ian.
Struck in fine gold, the legend on the face of the coin reads Secula Media Presens, an attempt to Latinize Current Middle Ages. And a reverse legend of Aurum Purum, or Pure Gold.
The face or Kings side shows him bearing a weapon and holding a goblet. This is a nod to both the marshal/fighting aspect, and the feasting/hospitality activities within the SCA.

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