Miniature Viking Shields (Round Shields)


Silver Viking Round Shield with bail. Made from Fine silver and measuring 7/8″ or 22mm. Designs will vary.



Silver Round Shields have been found in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, and Finland. There has been a single find in England. The majority have been found in Denmark and Sweden. With the richest collection of finds occurring in and around Brika. To date at least 150 of this particular type have been found.

Most date to 900 to 1000 AD. (Possible some from the 800s) And have been found as grave goods, in hoards, and single finds. The lore is rife with everything from holding a shield over a cup as a blessing, to adding many shields to a grave as a salute of respect. Either symbolically or actually. Many are found in the graves of women. Some as jewelry and attached to what appear to be strands of beads. Other seem to be laid on the body, perhaps sew onto clothing. Others were found in positions that indicate they were inside of pouches.