Plague Coin in Silver


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2020 Plague Remembrance Coin

Dies made and coins struck by Magister Arion the Wanderer, Dragon’s Laire Mint.

This piece is struck in .999 Fine Silver.

Least we forget what an impact this thing has made on our lives and in the world.

It is hoped we shall look back on this when we hold the coin in our hands, and with relief note its passing.

Styrkarr, Der Doctor Schnabel

Obverse: Duke Styrkarr of An Tir is, in real life, an MD. This image was engraved from pictures of a mask Ugo Serrano made. The mask is based on the outfits worn by Der Doctor Schnabel von Rom, the real Plague Doctors of 1656. Known as the beaked (schnabel) doctors.

Reverse: A diagram of the SARS-CoV 2 virus that causes COVID-19.

Legend: CORONA.PESTILENCE**2020** ( the stars represent those that died).

25 mm x .8 mm coins are hammer struck in fine silver.