Limited Subscription Offer


In running a small online business, there is always room for growth. The learning curve can be steep as well. In time you develop a feel for what works and what doesnt, and your ability to discern and keep your hands on the pulse of things grows. Sometimes growth requires a little cash. Maintenance, fuel, stocks of metal, and repairs all take a bite.

In order to keep pace with changes, on occasion we have looked to innovative ideas. Being flexible is key, and we have certainly done that.

So now we want to try something new. And we have spent considerable time, crunching the numbers, and working out the bugs.

We encountered a word in our studies of Medieval/Renaissance economies from Venice Prestiti. Essentially it means bond. In keeping most of its format, it looks in many ways like a modern club membership or subscription, with benefits paid out quarterly.

It is hoped that those of you that can, will support our mini fundraiser, and help Alpha Officium to expand what we do.

So, starting today we are offering a May to May (One year) Alpha Officium Club Membership. Instead of a GoFundme or similar thing, we will give this a shot instead.

We have limited it to a three-tier membership and no more than 60 supporting memberships/subscriptions total we do NOT want to overextend ourselves here. This is a simple first-run. Testing the waters

And here is how it works;

Three very affordable Tiers$25, $50, and $75. We wanted to keep things affordable.

Level 1 Membership/Subscription- 10% off for any new orders for one year.

Level 2 Membership/Subscription- 15% off for any new orders for one year.

Level 3 Membership/Subscription- 25% off for any new orders for one year.

Does not apply to auctions or First to Claim Deals, only orders. But wait there is more! In the form of perks.


Primarily this comes in the form of getting related value for what you paid in for your Subscription. Your full Membership will be repaid as per retail value COMPLETELY over the course of the year! (Actually, more than what you paid in)

Remember, I was talking about the Prestiti. You get the full value of your subscription returned to you over the course of the year. Paid out quarterly in coin, like an interest payment.

You will be offered options (by era) so you can pick what coins you want to receive.

It works out like this:

Average coin value is $0.80 cents. Higher if we distribute certain coins.

Level 1 Subscription would receive 40 coins over the course of the year. That comes out to $32 retail.

Level 2 Subscription would receive 80 coins over the course of the year. Which comes to $64 retail.

Level 3 Subscription would receive 120 coins over the course of the year. Which comes to $96 retail.

These totals would of course be divided into separate quarterly mailings.

And you garner more in value than what was paid in-from a retail standpoint of course. But the value is there.

Additionally, all Membership levels will receive 5 copies of any new coins we develop over the year. (By the Quarter) That way you get to see all the new items we create for the shop.

And to kick it off the first Quarter will apply to May 20th!

Thereafter Aug 20th, Nov 20th, and Feb 20th.

We have tried to make this very appealing to everyone. Nothing to lose, and much to gain throughout the year.

Interested parties Please IM me to claim your choice of which Tier. We will do a countdown of the Subscriptions as they happen. Remember that there are only 20 of each tier.

Email us from the Contact Page for details…as of 4-25-19 there are only 41 of the 60 slots open after just one day of being offered.

Nota Bene: For the sake of safety, I include three clauses.
1) We are the final arbiter to any an all disputes that may arise. (Taking out a subscription affirms that you understand this.)
2) You have recourse via PayPal to recover your funds. If for some reason I walk off a cliff, or run away to a distant country.
3) If for any reason this experiment fails, we reserve the right to pay off outstanding repayments with cash or with a bulk shipment of coins. At any time.