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The Year is Going Fast

Half the year has flow by, and so much has happened. Business has improved over last year significantly. Something on the order of at least 25%! Which is amazing. Some of this is due to rising number of commissions for dies, and of course our continuous use of auctions on Facebook. Though sales continue to grow too. We could not have done that without the support and interests of the many communities that like what we do. SCA, Historical, Living History, Reenactment, LARP. We appreciate you all, and thank you for your continued patronage.

We intend some updates coming soon. In particular the introduction of “Ready Pouches”. These will be pouches/mixes of a reasonable number of coins, for an affordable price, with a certain theme. Like Viking, or Elizabethan. The design is intended for folks that want a quick pouch of coins that fit their era or persona. These will include a discount over ordering numbers of individual coins. We like the idea very much, and hope you will as well. Look for those over the first part of August.