How We Conduct Business

Effective (6-7-19) There will be a non-refundable portion of 20% on all tools, dies, sleeves, and bolsters that have been ordered. This is to protect the business against abuses.

There will be a 10% restocking fee for coin orders. While none of us can foresee emergencies…it is important to consider your purchases carefully. While we certainly want your business, please do not over-extend on your hobbies. We want you to be pleased with our services. If we fail to delivery on things, we will usually offer a good reason, and if we cannot fulfill our endeavors, we will offer a refund. However we are a small business and run close to the line much of the time. So effective 6-7-19 as well, we reserve the right to any requested refund to deliver it between 14 and 30 days after the request is received.

Effective (7-23-19) Initial design of customized item (where Alpha Officium is supplying the design) will require a sign-off by the client, as a milestone in the completion process. Further design changes after the initial sign-off will require a “change work order” and will incur an additional fee for each change to the original design. Each time there is a design revision, after it’s initially approved, it will cost the client more money, as additional labor and often additional materials are involved. It is suggested that all design work engaged by the client is a final decision at the point of initial sign-off. It’s much less expensive to work out your design on paper prior to die cutting, however we’re happy to make any changes you require.