“Time and time again Alpha Officium has provided me exactly the coins I needed for recreation and personal collecting, at a price I could afford to pay.”

Mathew Parker

“James is a great guy! He makes dies to stamp coins. That’s the essence of his magic. I use the coins at Renfaire and they’re very popular, indeed.”

Rich Rodriguez


“My lord, it was thrilling to receive coins of the realm in time for the Ides of March celebration! The coins make wonderful “payments” for services for their majesties!”

Becky Usry


“Alpha Officium is my source for coins from the Viking Age for sale and for personal use–even the ones that I have dies for! That’s how good they are!

Folo Watkins


“I am thrilled with the reproduction Japanese coins from Alpha Officium. The koban in part are breathtakingly gorgeous.”

Lisa Joseph


I have bought multiple orders of coins from Alpha Officium, and have been always pleased with the quality and variety they offer. I have used them as gifts for tournaments, my barony, and my own use to accent my game boards and the lovely jingle in my pouch at events. Great items available!

Ken Helfrich


“I’ve purchased many coins from Alpha Officium over the past 6 years. At first I bought some different coins for various impressions I was doing for different time periods. I was so impressed by the quality that eventually I commissioned custom coins for my reinactment troupe. To date, we have ordered over 2,000 coins for the group and are always pleased with the result.”

Richard Rasner
Guildmaster The Royal French Privateers of Clan Darksail


“I have watched James’s skill grow for over 2 decades, and he has gone from being one of the only period coin makers, to one of the best. I highly recommend him for his skill, as well as his dedication to making his customers happy with his product, and his service.”

Dave Delgado