SCA Peerage Coins

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  • SCA Masters of Defense


    Due to significant demand Alpha Officium is offering something new. The New Peerage of MoD (Masters of Defense) die has been created for these folks.

    Here is how it works; for $150 you order the flip side with your badge/name/chief charge on it-as we can agree. We cut it and stamp the coins with your emblem on one side and the MoD die on the other. Comes with 50 pewter coins. You may additionally order more or blanks in Nugold for a little more.

    Spend what you want on blanks Pewter/Silver/Nugold/Gold and we will send them along to you. Your coins can then be used as a Vigil token, Death Card, memento, or gambling token.

    Please contact us for details. And it is always available for re-strikes any time you want.

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