Abbasid Dirham


Replica of an Abbasid Dirham. These are found in many Viking and Rus Viking Graves and or Hoards. Many were made into jewelry items.


Abbasid Caliphate. Few changes were made over the years in their fabric or pattern, as there was a prohibition to using anything but text for decorating coins. They were subject to debasement as time went by, and the Omayyad Dirhams seems to have been retained by Vikings in the countryside. While the newer Abbasid Dirhams became popular in the trade towns. Dirhams of this Caliphate have been found far afield. Large numbers are associated with Viking Hoards, and Viking and Islamic Jewelry.

Location used: North Africa to Persia- in Abbasid Territories. Additionally by way of trade to Scandinavia, and as far away as Ireland. Prominently found in Viking Hoards.

Historical Denomination; Silver Dirham

Our piece is made from Lead Free Pewter Alloy. It measures 1″ inch in diameter. (25.4mm)