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The Latest Update.

For some time now our website has been in need of an update. Sadly, I have been remiss in doing so. Though the overall reasons have been important. We managed in May to purchase our first home. This move is giving me the opportunity to expand my work areas, and production possibilities.

There have been delays and errors in shipping due to the move, and we certainly got a little behind in our work. Most of these things have been amended or fixed to our customers satisfaction. For which I am very pleased. The only real downside is I have new responsibilities on the land we now own, and that really is not a detrimental thing.

The fires and smoke have been discouraging and fearful at times. So far we have escaped injury. And hope our new home and workshop remain safe.

In other news we have added many new works of art to our collection of items we offer. I am in the middle of adding them this week. We are far out of date in adding our new creations, so please have a fresh look see over the next 2 weeks.

Our helper will no longer be available for the full coverage of hours that we needed. So for now I am back to this being a one man show again. We ask your patience with any special orders you may require.

We find ourselves drifting towards Fall. One of my favorite times of the year. After a long Summer, I seem to wake up and get even more creative. So look for some new items from now until December.

Thank you for checking in on us at Alpha Officium. We will try and add a little more in our postings more often.