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Welcome to the World of Antique Replica Coinage

Greetings and Welcome to Alpha Officium

While our old website has served us well-over at Weebly, we saw the need for a new website over a year ago. At which time we managed to capture this domain and secure this website. I cannot help but praise both Weebly for giving us a fair start on commerce, or for our current endeavor.

Once this website was originally up and running in 2018, for a short time it worked well enough. Though we did lack the ability to quickly edit our products. In time the developer and I had a parting of the ways. This led us to a position wherein we could not advance nor update this website for a very long time. This was most unfortunate for those that wanted our products.

For a time, we had to rely on Facebook to announce new products, and to develop our base of supporters further. Not the best of circumstances to be in. My lack of skills in website building certainly did not help. But as they say good things come to those that wait.

My thanks go out to those that have stayed with us thru the worst of it all. And in particular all the customers that dealt with my slower than usual shipping, our occasional blunders and oversights. You know who you are.

Currently our website Guru and benefactor Ed Berland, is most deserving of praise. If it were not for him, we would still be mired in obsolete, and buggy pages of non-sense. Thank you, sir!

Here we find ourselves in a new year and with new possibilities. We are on the cusp of producing many of the new items that we have been asked to make. The Reenactor and Living History community has been very kind to us. LARP groups, and Ren Fair folks have equally been as welcoming to our efforts. Never underestimate the needs of the public!

Please stay tuned to our weekly blog and the new and exciting things we will be making. And please share with your friends our website, for without all of you, I would not be able to create such pretty art.