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April 1st and We Are Open for Business-No Fooling!

Well here we are ready to supply our new and existing customers with our wares. It has been many weeks of prepping, but the website is ready to relaunch. More content has been added, and there are at least a dozen items that have not been listed yet-look for those as the next few days arrive.

We have had the very best of help from our new developer and designer Ed. If it were not for him we would still be without a legitimate website.

We will continue to edit and adjust things, but the dust will settle in time. There are many things in development, and new items will be added all the time…so check back often.

Be sure to look at and potentially order the Relaunch Grab Bag Special. For a very low price you can get a sample of our work. And a fair idea of what we can produce. I think you will find our pricing fair, and our products useful. And please share with your friends what we do and where to find us.

We hope you will make Alpha Officium one of your favorite stops on the Internet.