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A Little Confusion

Looks like we have solved the Flat Rate shipping to Canada. This is mostly for small items. We will still have to update the shipping for larger orders (over four lbs.). So if you make an order and get a follow up letter asking for a little more postage-it is what it is for now. Tricky things getting websites to function correctly.

We finished our audit of the Catalog and realized something shocking…there are 27 of our coins that are not on the website!!! It is going to take a few days but we will have those up and on the site asap. Who knew that everyone was missing out on 27 types of things we sell. A little discouraging, but it will now be fixed.

In other news, the first Silver Bullion Trade coin is now available. It is a Penny of Burgred King of Mercia. Please check it out.

Additionally, we are carrying the “Plague” coin. In Pewter Alloy, and in Fine silver. A memento of the times in which we live.

Finally, the updates and improvements on the website continue, and will for some time. The few write-ups (descriptions) on many of our products are obvious. The historical notes need to be finished, so we are on the job. Look for the improvements and come back often to see how things are coming along.

Thanks for visiting.