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May is Here, and So Are We

Welcome to May!

Spring is in full swing. Our Fruit trees are loaded down with blossoms or already growing fruit.

The shop is also developing new things as well. We will shortly add Venetian Soldino (little shilling), and a new Penny of Aethelred, along with his Gold Mancus. (30 penny valued coin) Oddly there is a example of a gold Mancus struck with the same dies as was used for silver, showing that his gold was likely not a rare item. Historians suggest the reason so few are known is due to them being melted down.

Up this coming week is a Portuguese Real of 10 Soldo coin of John the First 1385-1433…referred to as “the Bastard” in Spain, for the obvious thrashing he gave them in keeping Portugal free and independent.

After that, later this month we will be offering our first Papal coins, Some silver toned, and at least one gold toned. Ideally we want to do three, from rather historical circumstance. Leo X, (for known excesses), Clement VII (Sack of Rome and fight with Henry VIII), and possibly Julius II, (So much history, where do I begin). Of course the Medici Popes! How could we not.

Down the road we have sponsors that have asked us to create Henry VI Pennys, and Edward IV Groats…for those that need a taste of the Wars of the Roses era.

So much to do, and so busy. Back to the shop!