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Holiday Season is here.

Wanted to send the very best to everyone for the holidays. We have stayed close to home this Winter, and had plenty of food and good cheer with family. Plans for the coming year is in order. We have a few outstanding orders, And some dies sets due out. Not to mention the November Dividends on Subscriptions…running late as usual. That said, we are pleased to get them out by the 15th of December.

Sales have been steady, and we have had a good year. We have improved on shipping, but have fallen way behind on posting new types and posting to our blog…time to make a new year’s resolution to amend those items.

We intend a slow down of work for a few days off. Beginning December 20th, and running to the 1st of Jan. This will NOT be a suspension of work, more of taking it a little easier than we have. Working some rest in where we can. Orders made online will be processed, but we will watch it in the commissions, and strive to finish any outstanding for the year before the first of the New Year. We want to go into the new year as clean a slate as we can.

Thank all of you for your business thru the year, and the wonderful feedback we have received. We look forward to a new and prosperous year for everyone.